Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Shelia Jefferson

I was born and raised in Fitzgerald.

Birthday-January 20

I went to Monitor Elementary and a graduate of

Fitzgerald High School in 1977.

I have been teaching for 20+ years at FHS.

Special Education Teacher

I graduated from the following schools:

Old Dominion University-1996 Human Services Counseling

Georgia SouthWestern-2000 Master in Emotional Behavioral Disorder

Cambridge College 2004-Specialist Leadership/Administration

One son-Michael 


1st Block A-Purple Day-Zoology Room 605

2nd Block--------------PLANNING

3rd Block---------------Physical Science Room 103

4th Block---------------Environmental Science Room 604


1st Block B-Gold Day-Environmental Science Room 604

2nd Block---------------Zoology Room 605

3rd Block---------------Physical Science Room 606

4th Block---------------PLANNING